These New IKEA Soft Toys Were Designed By Children (And They Are Hilariously Imaginative) 6 years ago

These New IKEA Soft Toys Were Designed By Children (And They Are Hilariously Imaginative)

Children's drawings give us an insight into how they see the world. They're usually colourful and bright, full of odd shapes and crazy proportions. They're a visual representation of a creative little mind attempting to get to grips with some very big concepts and ideas. 

While most parents display their children's bizarre animals and leering stick figures on the fridge, IKEA decided to bring some of them to life.

To celebrate the launch of Let’s Play for Change, a campaign that focuses on children’s right to play and develop, the wonderfully bonkers SAGOSKATT collection will land in stores on November 20.

The range of soft toys was designed by children between five and nine years of age from across the world who were asked to let their imagination run wild and create fantastic creatures as part of the Soft Toys Drawing Competition.

sag jpg

From over 50,000 entries, ten lucky winners were picked to be given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of having their drawing recreated - and the results are brilliant. From a two-headed mythical creature, to a pastel-coloured owl, the drawings are expertly transformed in to near-identical versions of the youngster’s creations.

For Pig Monkey €5 For Pig Monkey €5

Launching on UN Universal Children’s Day, November 20 the campaign is very simple: for every item of the 270-product strong play range sold between November 20 and December 24, 2016, IKEA Foundation will donate €1 to Handicap International, Room to Read, Save the Children, Special Olympics, UNICEF and War Child. The campaign will fund the creation of safe spaces for vulnerable children to play.

sago jpg Squeaky Duck €3

Look out for them from this weekend on at IKEA Dublin (from as little as €1.50 each, they make fantastic stocking fillers!).