Things got flirty between two camp mates on I'm A Celeb last night 2 years ago

Things got flirty between two camp mates on I'm A Celeb last night

Oooh, things are heating up.

It was an episode all about romance last night as talk turned to secret crushes, age differences and... Ant and Dec.

It all began with Myles having a sore neck after waking up from a nap, which was followed by Kate Garraway telling him to get into her bed.

"There’s an offer you aren’t going to get every day," said Cliff before Myles said, "I can’t turn that one down, definitely not, Kate Garraway in your bed."

And yep, it turns out Myles fancies Kate.

The singer told Kate in the episode: "You are one of my TV crushes, you are beautiful."

At first the radio presenter was flattered, telling the Bush Telegraph: "That’s good to know because I think when you approach 50 it feels like you are no longer attractive. It’s a massive number and it feels like a big thing."


She then continued on to say that she thinks Myles was just being kind and that it "was his charity work for the year!"

This prompted a conversation between Myles, Nadine and Jacqueline about age differences.

"You’ve slept with someone older than your mum?" Jacqueline asked Myles to which he coyly replied: "Yep." When the girls tried to divulge more information, Myles simply responded that it happened on a night out.

Later in the episode, talk turned to the presenters of the show, Ant and Dec, and how attractive they are.


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@jacjossa and @nadinecoyle definitely aren’t alone in fancying @antanddec...we see your tweets! ? #ImACeleb

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Jacqueline said: "I didn’t realise they were good looking and then we said what one would you have, she said Dec and I said Ant at the same time."

She then told the Bush Telegraph: "Ant and Dec are a bit of alright actually, they are funny, they smell good and as they get older they look even better. I don’t know if they are having work done but they are getting better looking and potentially looking younger."