This Bedtime Story Book Is A Game-changer For Our Little Princesses 5 years ago

This Bedtime Story Book Is A Game-changer For Our Little Princesses

When I was growing up, I loved to read.

My dad was the one who really introduced me to the fantastical world of books and I distinctly remember getting lost for hours in Enid Blyton after Enid Blyton under the covers in my bed.

I just couldn't wait to finish one so that I could get my hands on another story and it really fed my imagination.

In turn, I read to my kids all the time and am always on the hunt for cool new stories to read to them.

As my daughter will be starting pre-school soon, I am keen to really read inspirational and empowering stories to her.

She has already been born something of an independent, free-thinking bad-ass and I want to make sure that she knows she can harness that into whatever greatness she desires.

'Night Time Stories For Rebel Girls' fits that bill on so many levels - it's aim is to re-write the 'princess' stories somewhat in recounting real stories of powerful women living and past.

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Frida Kahlo, Serena Williams and Elizabeth I are just some of the women featured and the book promises to be beautifully illustrated by female artists from around the globe.

Created by entrepreneurs Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, the concept for the book was launched on KickStarter and has been one of the greatest crowdfunding success stories for a children's book to date.

Currently, they have raised $983,274 for a project that initially hoped to raise $10,000 for a small print run!

It's easy to see why this has captured imaginations of parents from all over the world - it is very easy to find inspirational material for our sons but not always for our daughters, so this is a major breath of fresh air.

I'm happy to say they just earned an additional $35 from yours truly today - my daughter deserves it.

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