A bride broke both of her feet at her wedding dancing to the BEST 90s song 4 years ago

A bride broke both of her feet at her wedding dancing to the BEST 90s song

What's a wedding without some B*witched?

Most brides try to make it through their wedding day with their hair and makeup intact, their dress stain-free and without getting too hammered despite endless flowing champagne.

Few newlyweds think about preventing serious injury but it turns out that enjoying an innocent bop with your bridal party could spell disaster.

Bride Lyndsey Henderson learned this the hard way recently when she broke both of her feet at her wedding reception while dancing to an all-time classic.

The song in question? C'est La Vie by B*Witched.

Lyndsey had originally gotten married in a small wedding in Santorini, Greece and decided to celebrate with more friends and family with another party when she arrived home, she told The Independent UK.

She was enjoying a dance with her bridesmaids at the Cadbury's factory in Birmingham (inspired choice of venue, BTW) during her second reception when it all went wrong.


"It was around 11pm and the DJ put the song on and I was doing my best Michael Flatley with all my bridesmaids

“I just went absolutely crazy as it’s one of my favourite songs and was the first one I bought on cassette in 1998.

“Then when I went a bit freestyle I managed to jump up and land on the sides of my feet."

Somehow, Lyndsey wasn't in immediate pain and so kept going.

“At first I didn’t realise what had happened. I noticed I landed funny but didn’t give it a second thought.

"I kept on dancing for another six songs and even had a dance with my dad to 'Wonderful Tonight' afterwards," she recalled.

Two days later the pain had well and truly kicked in and Lyndsey went to hospital where she was told she'd broken both her feet and that she'd be in casts for six weeks.

She took it well, in fairness to her.

"We spent two and a half years planning it all, had the perfect wedding in Santorini, a great wedding reception and this is how it ended up.

"But it could have been worse and I find it quite funny."