This bride is asking guests to pay to attend her wedding and we are in shock 4 years ago

This bride is asking guests to pay to attend her wedding and we are in shock

Imaging asking wedding guests to pay to attend your wedding.

One bride did just that and honestly, we can't really cope with the idea of this and imagine that people invited felt the same.

The 19-year-old had a very long list of rules asking people to abide by in order to attend her big day.

Yes, really.

One of those rules was that guests would be expected to pay for their own meals but hey listen it's okay because the bride and groom would "provide a few jugs of basic soft drink and water per table".

Not even joking.

That's not all either for the couple also banned certain colours from their wedding and expected a donation to their honeymoon fund.


According to The Daily Mail, the wedding was due to take place in Townsville in Queensland and the list of rules was shared on Facebook by the bride's cousin who was clearly outraged.

The woman described the list "as an essay of rules" and also mentioned that the invites said if your name isn't on the invite, assume you're not on the guest list, no plus ones here.

The couple plan to share their professional images with the guests afterwards and that's why they have asked people to refrain from using cameras and/or phones at their wedding.

Probably the least surprising item on the list but in fairness, it's a seriously long list of what guests can and can't do not to mention the excessive demands.