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08th Feb 2016

This Doritos Super Bowl Ad Is Dividing Opinion

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Super Bowl viewers have slammed Doritos for their ‘disturbing’ ‘Ultrasound’ commercial, which shows a woman going into labour early. 

The ad is the work of Australian filmmaker Peter Carstairs’ who won the brand’s ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ commercial competition.

It shows a woman having an ultrasound while her husband snacks on tortillas chips at her bedside. They begin to notice the baby reaching for the crisps when he moves closer to his wife’s bump. When the man moves the crisps away, the baby rushes to escape the womb.

While some viewers found the concept hilarious, many others took to social media to complain that the ad was in poor taste:

The film makers says the ad was inspired by the ultrasound of his second child Freddy, who’s now nine months old. The baby in the ultrasound image is Freddy himself – of course with the help of a little camera magic.

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