This fan favourite EastEnders character will be 'left for dead' on Christmas Day 1 year ago

This fan favourite EastEnders character will be 'left for dead' on Christmas Day

Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration, family and good will - unless you're a character in soapland.

Then the holiday season is actually full of breakups, drama and death.

And EastEnders is really ramping up the drama this year, with a fan favourite character possibly set to take their last breaths.

Yes, that's right: Alfie Moon will reportedly be left for dead after he has a massive row with his estranged wife, Kat, on Christmas Day.

A source told The Sun:

“It will all kick off big-time. Kat will confront him about the baby before all hell breaks loose. The scenes will leave him for dead.

“Alfie is a huge character and this is going to be classic EastEnders drama.” The cliffhanger will leave viewers guessing his fate.'

Shane, who recently returned to the soap after a couple of years, teased the explosive showdown earlier this week.

He said:

"Without giving too much away, this is a tough one to come back from, after you see what happens. Someone’s got blood on their hands is all I’m saying.

‘There is such a big shock on Xmas Day. Obviously I can’t tell you, but even when I read it I went 'Oh, you can’t do that, you can’t do that, we’ve tipped it over the edge now.'

"It’s just a real, massive cliffhanger on Xmas Day. I will be so intrigued to see the reaction on social media with shock and how everything plays out after that. Only on Christmas Day could this happen.

"Why anyone would want to live in Walford I have no idea. But yeah, Christmas Day is massive and I’ve been privileged enough to see some of it."