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16th Mar 2016

This Must-have Keeps Fur Babies Busy When You Have Human Babies

Sharyn Hayden

I am a big fan of fur babies as well as human babies. In fact, Pearl the West Highland Terrier is, as I tell everyone, my first child and the other two human ones came later.

I know, a bit much but she’s sooo cute.

For any of you who had pets before kids like I did, you will most likely share the Mammy Guilt I have over not being able to give Pearl quite as much attention as she used to get before the kids came along.

She’s still totally loved and cared for, walked and minded as before, but does she get to slip under the duvet with me for morning cuddles any more? Nope (unless no one is looking). Is she allowed to snooze on the couches and chairs any more? Nope. Does she have to wait to be fed until after the kids are? Yup.

And so on.. I do feel bad about it and can be found looking into her little puppy eyes and apologising to her, that I’m not all hers any more. Yes, out loud. I know, I might be in need of some medical attention.

I stumbled across this amazing invention on the Funny Woof Facebook page (they who say ‘If you don’t like dogs, then we don’t like you’ – love it).

You will obviously need a dog who loves to play catch and a safe place for it to shoot the ball at but I think it’s a pretty fab idea.

Playing fetch. Advanced mode! :))When nobody is around to throw you the ball… :)))

Posted by FunnyWoof on Thursday, March 10, 2016

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