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08th Sep 2016

Do YOU Recognize These Once Very Famous “Triplets”?

Trine Jensen-Burke

If there was one TV show that defined the late 90s and early naughties, Friends was it.

Oh, how we loved Ross and Rachel and their on-and-off romance. Monica and her inner neat freak. Chandler and his endless lame jokes. Joey and his “How you doin'” and Phoebe with all her sweet and kooky ways.

The best thing about Friends was possibly that there were just as many touching emotional moments as there were hysterical ones – with one of the most moving about them being when Phoebe gave birth to her brother’s triplets.

If you are not a fan or haven’t watched the show, Phoebe had agreed to be a surrogate for her brother Frank Jr. and his wife, Leslie, when the couple found out that they couldn’t conceive naturally. And in the show’s 100th episode, she gave birth to triplets, reducing the entire cast (and us at home) to big, blubbery tears.


But you guys, that was 18 years ago (18 YEARS!), and now the triplets – little Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie Jr. and Chandler – are all grown up and look very different.

Now, however, the “triplets” are all grown up, and at the risk of making you feel OLD, here is what they look like today:

1. Dante Pastula (or Frank Jr. Jr.)

Dante Pastula hasn’t been seen on screen much since he played Frank Jr. Jr. in Friends. In 2004 he voiced a child in The Polar Express before later reuniting with his onscreen sister (i.e. Sierra Marcoux) to play Moshe in Ablution in 2007.


2. Sierra Marcoux

Sierra, who played little Chandler, has also kept a relatively low profile over the years. In 2006 she voiced Sally Brown in He’s A Bully, Charlie Brown and went on to appear in The Poughkeepsie Tapes and Ablution a year later. In fact, she’s kept such a low profile that no one can actually find a photo of her above the age of ten…


3. Allisyn Ashley Arm

Unlike her on-screen siblings, Allisyn (who played little Leslie) has had a much more high profile acting career. Her breakout role came in 2009 when she landed the main part on the Disney Channel’s series Sonny With a Chance and it’s spin-off So Random!

Since then she’s also had cameos in Disney’s I Didn’t Do It as well as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Most recently though she appeared in horror movie Ozark Sharks and now stars in web series Astrid Clover.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 12.08.03

Anyone else feeling a little geriatric right about now?!