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14th Jun 2017

This little girl met her favourite person in the whole world

No doubt the bride was more than thrilled

Louise Carroll

Have you ever been mistaken for a princess?

Well a woman in Seattle was mistaken for a little girl’s absolute favourite princess of all time. The woman who was in the middle of getting photos taken outside on her wedding day was stopped by the little girl who was simply mesmerised by the beautiful princess standing before her.

Wearing a stunning dress, as any princess would be, along with elegant shoes, arms full of flowers (presumably floral produce from a magical land far far away) and a delicate, kind manner, the little girl beamed with delight.

The little lady, dressed in a beautiful coloured raincoat and pink wellies was visibly thrilled with the encounter and so too was mum. As fate would have it, the little tot was in fact carrying the very book from which the princess’s story is told.

In true princess style, the bride shared a flower from her bouquet with the little passer-by, and even took pictures with her, only adding to the excitement.

The groom saw the adorable side to the encounter too and posted the images to Imgur where he explained how it all happened and how it clearly added to such a remarkable and lovely day for the newlyweds.