This misty weather might be here for a bit as the forecast looks mixed 6 months ago

This misty weather might be here for a bit as the forecast looks mixed

We're definitely not fans of this weather.

RIP to a good hair day because this misty weather could linger throughout the course of today and tomorrow.

Typically, when I looked up the weather yesterday, it was forecasted to be dry today but this is Ireland and you're never really safe to leave the house without a brolly (don't even chance it if it's July).

Having misplaced my umbrella this morning, I had to pop to the shop and buy one and the conversation with the female staff member behind the till centred on how misty weather means one thing - frizzy hair!

Met Éireann has stated that potentially the dreary weather could dry up later today, but don't count on it we reckon:

"Mostly overcast this morning with drizzle, mist and fog in many areas. These will gradually clear today with some bright spells developing and most areas becoming dry. However, there'll still be a few patches of mist and drizzle."

Much of the same as we move into tonight and in Leinster, Ulster and north Connacht temperatures are set to drop to between zero and four degrees. It will be less cold elsewhere, however, remaining between three and six.

Patchy weather is predicted for Friday as well, so brollies at the ready ladies!

Keep an eye on the forecast here.