This mum wrote the most hilarious and honest post to Build-A-Bear 6 years ago

This mum wrote the most hilarious and honest post to Build-A-Bear

We feel her pain.

Mum Sarah Rawsthorne from the UK wrote a candid Facebook post to those at Build-A-Bear.

Sarah’s 9-year-old daughter Ruby has adored the various bears she has made and chosen since she was a baby. Mum even had a very special Build-A-Bear made for her baba before she was born. Little did mum know, from then on, she’d be clocking up endless hours of her life in the Build-A-Bear store.

Let’s be honest – these bears look fantastic, cuddly and cute but shopping time can be quite the experience. The message mum posted was both honest and complimentary to the bear factory, but there’s an aspect to it that we can all relate to. Sarah said,

“I shall explain myself, bear with me. Did you see what I did there? I know, it's pretty amazing that I managed to crack a joke because today around 3pm, in one of your stores, I lost the will to live.”

She continued,


“By the time Ruby was 5 she had realised that although it was great fun to pick and stuff a bear, there was something far more exciting. Clothing. And shoes and skates and passports and little tiny sleeping bags, and hats and wigs and bouquets of flowers and even teddies for the teddies!!! And clothes for the teddies for the teddies.”

Well there goes that holiday plan anyway.

“The bears have a better wardrobe than myself and no, their bum never gets too big for their outfits, the smug little bears!”


“But please, please, please can you give us an area of the store we can sit and stare at a plain white wall, perhaps even offer us a refreshment, conversation that isn't about a great new smell to shove in the bears bum. I need desperately to be treated like an adult, an exhausted adult who quite honestly can't wait to leave your store.”

She said it. It’s a fantasy land for kids, one full of fun and creativity and beautiful bears, but us adults get tired (think swollen feet from walking all those toy isles), impatient and sometimes, as mum said, we need our adult needs to be catered to. After all, there are very few kids shopping in stores without mum or dad.