This mum's Facebook post shows what kids remember years down the line 5 years ago

This mum's Facebook post shows what kids remember years down the line

 Such a lovely reminder.

With a million and one things featuring on never-ending to-do lists, it's easy to get caught up with our busy schedules and forget about the little things.

This adorable Facebook post from blogger Nikki Pennington reminds us exactly what's important and what children will remember down the line.

Her son recently told her that he "had the best day ever" and she wasn't sure what made it stand out as they hadn't done "anything out of the ordinary".

However, later that night, he listed all the things that made it so special and it makes for a lovely read.

"It was when we went on a yard sale hunt.

It was when we held hands with Dad in the parking lot.

It was when you let me pick out the color of paint for our room.

It was when you turned the music up really loud, rolled down the windows and we sang at the top of our lungs.

It was when you held my hand in the store and we snuck off just me and you to go look at the pretty lights.

We have a feeling that the above might just encourage you to do the same with your little ones this evening. It's so lovely and explains exactly what children remember and what they hold dear.

It was the best day of my life".


Nikki's words have been shared by Facebook page The People We Raise proving just how much it's resonated with other parents.

The below three paragraphs spoke to us mamas, SO. MANY. FEELS.

"I think as moms we get so caught up in trying to make sure every day for them is the best day ever that we forget what the best day ever really looks like to them.

"It doesn’t look like toys or play dates or amusement parks.

"It looks a lot like holding hands, it looks a lot like letting them see a glimpse of us, the us before we became mom and dad, it looks a lot like our time in the ordinary everyday things because that’s where the best days ever are found".

Main image via Nikki Pennington