This t-shirt for little boys is sparking a huge debate on social media 4 years ago

This t-shirt for little boys is sparking a huge debate on social media

Some parents thought it was inappropriate.

A clothing company in North America has come under fire after sharing a photo  of a boy reading a t-shirt saying, "I am a feminist too."

J. Crew shared the photo while promoting their collaboration with Prinkshop, a company that sells clothes with a range of social issues.

"Start 'em young," the caption on the company's Instagram post read.

The limited edition t-shirt is priced around €18.80 ($21.95 USD), with 10 per cent of the price going to Girl's Up, an organisation that helps "girls achieve their dreams."

Some social media users were quick to criticise the item, with many parents wondering if it was appropriate for young boys to wear.

One person said:

"Emasculating, indoctrinating & abusing children this young for political gain? I'll never set foot in your stores again."

Another commented:


"Well my J Crew days are over. Keep your politics to yourself."

Someone else wrote:

"Pretty gross pushing this on unknowing children rather then letting them decide for themselves their views as they age."

Others, however, praised the company for the message that the shirt portrayed.

A different social media user added:

"So thank you @jcrew for saying publicly that women’s rights are human rights. Thank you for chipping away at toxic masculinity.

"Thank you for standing up and saying that we should all be feminists."

Another persoon replied:

"This couldn’t be more positive, well done to @jcrew for advocating woman’s rights and equality."