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19th Oct 2016

This Woman Terminated Her Pregnancy To Save Her Brother’s Life

Amanda Cassidy

Could there be a more difficult choice?

To save the life of your baby or that of a beloved family member.

That was the choice one pregnant Chinese woman found herself having to make earlier this month.  24-year-old Yang Li was a perfect match to be a donor for her 29-year-old brother Yang Jun who needed a bone marrow transplant to survive.

Doctors discovered Li was 12 weeks pregnant when they ran tests and explained that procedure could be detrimental to her unborn child. She was forced to choose between continuing her pregnancy or saving her brother’s life.

Jun was diagnosed with lymphoma over a year ago and had chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but his cancer returned. He is the father seven-year-old old girl and says his sister is his only chance of survival.

Li finally made the heartbreaking decision to terminate her pregnancy. She says she could not abandon her brother who had spent his life looking after her.

The DailyMailUK reports the doctors will perform the marrow transplant surgery in the near future once her body has recovered.

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Some have hailed her a hero saying she can go on to have more children, but she will only have one brother. Others have been very critical of her decision, and lambasted her for making the ‘wrong choice.’

We feel that there are no winners in this awful situation.