Three grandmothers, friends for over 40 years, plan to self-isolate together 3 years ago

Three grandmothers, friends for over 40 years, plan to self-isolate together

These three grandmothers, who are friends for over 40 years, plan to self-isolate together.

The good news story we need today is that of three grandmothers who hate the idea of self-isolation so much that they're planning to move in with each other to get through it.

Doreen Burns, Dotty Robinson and Carol Spark, all from Salford, Greater Manchester, intend to spend the next week in their own homes and providing they're still in full health next week, they'll move into one of the three houses.

Recent advice from the UK government said that elderly people should stay at home for up to 12 weeks and the ladies plan on being prepared in advance.

On Monday, Boris Johnson said that the over 70s, pregnant women and anyone with an underlying condition would have to stay home for an extended length of time and that's where their genius plan comes in.


Doreen, Carol and, Dotty appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning and the clip is the best thing you'll watch today.

Trying to decide which house they should stay in is a bit of an issue for each home has its benefits - Dotty has a big garden for chilling and exercising but Doreen has a front room which she says could come in useful "if they get tetchy with each other", fair point.

They plan on watching The Crown, stocking up on wine and honestly, we want to be part of their girl gang.

The women said that they look after each other, go on holiday together and have helped each other through tough times before so it wouldn't seem right to experience the Covid-19 pandemic alone.

We're not crying, you're crying...