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03rd Dec 2017

Toddler killed by car driving into carpark at two miles per hour

'Hugely distressing for us.'

Jade Hayden


A toddler was run over and killed by a car that was driving into a hotel carpark at two miles per hour.

Jackson Yates walked into the car’s path in Greater Manchester’s Ibis hotel on August 10.

The 17-month old was briefly visiting the hotel with parents before the family were due to attend a recording of CBeebies show, In The Night Garden. 

An inquest told that the driver of the car, Deniss Tiscenko, did not see the boy when he was entering the carpark at 2 mph.

He said that he thought he had “driven over a speed bump.”

The Daily Mail reports that the inquest heard that Tiscenko knew something was wrong when the faces of the people next to the car “changed.”

“I knew something was wrong. I thought what had happened at this point was that I must have gone over a dog or a cat or something like that and I did not see a child near my car before this point.

“One of the people started banging on my car window but I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

“I was in shock and assumed I was still on top of what I had hit.”

Jackson’s mum Cheryl said that her son’s death has been “hugely distressing” and that the family were doing their “best to find positives.”

“Our lives turned upside down and changed in an instant. It has never been the same since.”

Great Manchester Police said that Tiscenko had not committed a criminal offence.