Toddler unharmed after crawling through daycare fence onto busy road 4 years ago

Toddler unharmed after crawling through daycare fence onto busy road

"I am extremely angry with this daycare."

A mother-of-two has shared her anger with a daycare centre that her son attends after he reportedly made his way out of the facility onto a busy road unattended and unnoticed.

While in the garden of 4 Our Kids Learning Academy in Baytown, Texas, it's understood that a two-year-old climbed through a chain-link fence onto oncoming traffic.

The toddler, having been noticed by a driver on the busy road, pulled in and picked the tot up before bringing him back to the daycare centre and alerting the police.

Writing on Facebook, mother, Dalia Castro, expressed her anger towards the daycare and their ability to protect her son by writing:

"I am extremely angry with this daycare. The woman that helped get my son back to safety is the one that called the cops. ... 4 Our Kids Learning Academy did not call the cops nor did they realize my son was not there until these two (witnesses) brought my son back."


According to the post, the daycare didn't even alert the mother until the responding police arrived and demanded that the daycare must give Dalia a call to come in.

Dalia on receiving the call, went to the daycare immediately where she was allegedly told by the director that it was "my 2-year-old son's fault and that it only took 45 seconds for my son to get half a mile from the daycare to the street".

Dalia also shared images of the large holes in the fence where children can escape as well as revealing the shocking ratio of guardians to children at the facility. She wrote:

"My son is 2 years old and there was one teacher with 20 children."

According to Texas law, one guardian can look after a maximum of 11 two-years-old with the ratio decreasing depending on how young the other children are.

Thankfully, however, in this instance, Dalia's son was safe. It is reported that she has filed a police report, and Child Protective Services has been notified of the incident.