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30th Apr 2018

Too funny! David Beckham sent his mum a flirty text by accident

Cathy Donohue

It can happen to the best of us.

Text messages are just brilliant and where would we be without Whatsapp but let’s be honest, things can go very wrong, very easily.

If you’ve ever sent a message to the wrong person, or worse again the wrong group where there are more people to watch the humiliation unfold, you’ll just know how mortifying this process is.

Predictive text has a lot to answer for too as it has caused many an error, you write one word but it emerges as another word and before you know it, the message has been sent before you have a chance to double check it.

That’s exactly what happened to David Beckham while texting his mum Sandra although he did have jetlag to blame for the rather embarrassing moment.

The dad of four has just returned from a trip to Macau and when his mum asked him if he was home yet, he replied with “hey your hot back this morning we to the country now at just going to be soon [sic]”.

Sandra had a laugh at her son’s mistake and replied with “looks like your tired by your message as long as your all ok! X [sic]”.

David then decided to share a screen grab of the message with his 44 million followers and of course, it’s an experience many can identify with.

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It could have been a LOT worse…