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21st Jun 2024

Flight attendant explains why you should put bank cards inside your shoe before leaving hotel

Niamh Ryan

Being on holiday can be stressful, especially if you’re travelling somewhere you’ve never been before.

There’s so many things to factor in on holiday, and if you’re someone that gets stressed by being somewhere new, you probably love trying new tips and tricks.

A flight attendant informed the Daily Express on the best way to keep your belongings safe while away.

If you’re someone that worries about leaving valuables in your hotel room, this trick is helpful for that too.

The flight attendant recommends leaving valuables in “strange places in the room” where people won’t think to look, such as in a pair of shoes. Alternatively, he uses the inside of old toiletry bottles.

As well as being a great hiding spot, hiding jewellery or bank cards in your shoe will help you when packing up.

Sometimes when we put our valuables in the hotel safe we forget to take them out when packing up. This way, however, there’s no way to misplace your things.

The flight attendant also recommends leaving the TV on in your hotel room when you leave for the day. The sound of the TV will deter anyone from coming into the room.

Would you try any of these hacks on your next holiday?