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06th Jun 2024

‘My mother-in-law ignored my boundaries and kissed my newborn – I want a divorce’

Charlie Herbert

‘I stood there in horror and shock as she darted towards my baby’

A woman has said she is divorcing her husband after his mother kissed her newborn son.

In a post on Reddit, the woman explained that she had a huge argument with her husband after her mother-in-law visited her and her baby despite her wishes.

After her mother-in-law kissed the baby, the woman said her child had become sick.

She had made it clear she didn’t want her in-laws to visit until at least three weeks after the birth, but that they visited her anyway. Her husband had told her she’d be grateful for the support.

The woman wrote on Reddit: “We just had our baby boy 3… Yes THREE weeks ago and as you can imagine I am not in the space for company or her flippant comments about how I’m parenting.

“Myself and my husband have both told her we need at least 2 months to get acclimated and we don’t want our son to get sick and she will have to quarantine for at least a week before she can come over to see him. That may be a little much but he’s my first baby. After a week of badgering, she seemed like she understood. She assured him.”

However, the mother-in-law ended up coming over “unannounced with balloons, presents, along with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and her two friends who I don’t even know.”

The woman continued: “I stood there in horror and shock as she darted towards my baby and kissed his face. She knew he was leaving the second he was gone she does this?!

“I screamed at her and the family to get the hell out of my house. She called my husband crying and he got back yesterday and told ME that I needed to apologise and she’s just happy for the first boy grandchild.”

The husband apparently told her he thought she was “overreacting.”

The woman then explained that after talking more with him, she has “come to the realization that I care so much about my baby getting sick but HE doesn’t,” adding that she is “closing this chapter.”

She ended up “blocking his mother” and said her husband “no longer has access to me.”

MIL ignored my wishes and got my 3 week old sick and now I’m leaving my husband.
byu/_Invader_Gir inTrueOffMyChest

Sharing their own similar experience, one person said: “My family did that too to my infant. At three weeks he had RSV and was in the hospital. I took him home with a breathing monitor. For a month when it went off in the night, it was terrifying.

“He survived and is grown, however, having family around the first few weeks did it. My husband had no part in it, and they didn’t know as much then. It was my stepmother and my sister who came to help out…Stay away. He doesn’t get it.”

Offering some advice on the situation, another commented: “Unblock your mother-in-law and just mute her and save everything she is sending for future use against her.”

And someone else penned: “You go, girl! It sounds like this has been a long time coming, and it was merely the final straw. Congrats on your new baby, and I hope he feels better soon!”

In an update on the post, the woman said that her husband still no longer has access to her but “will obviously still be in our son’s life.”

She added: “I would never be that evil to keep him away from our son unless he was physically abusive to him.”