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23rd Oct 2021

NICU nurse brings Halloween to babies in hospital with homemade costumes

Laura Grainger

Too cute.

Babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a US hospital are still getting to celebrate their first Halloween thanks to one incredibly kind nurse.

NICU nurse JoAnn Gorsline is bringing Halloween to the tiniest patients of Mercyhealth’s Javon Bea Hospital in Rockford, Illinois.

nicu costumes

According to WMTV, the nurse has made over 52 costumes by hand to be worn by babies who stay at the hospital’s NICU in October.

The babies, most of whom were born prematurely, may not be able to wear a store-bought costume as they recover in the unit, so her homemade costumes are doing the trick instead.

nicu costumes

With each costume different from the next, Gorsline is helping to bring some sense of normality and celebration to the parents of the hospitalised babies by allowing them to partake in Halloween.

“Parents always comment about how they love having the costumes,” she said.

nicu costumes

“It makes the stay easier, it makes having a baby in the NICU seem more normal, not so [much like being in a] hospital and out of the ordinary… just some normalcy in the middle of a very trying time in their lives.”

This year’s lineup features a range of adorable costumes, such as the Cookie Monster and Elmo, a burger, and a Babybel cheese.

nicu costumes

Not only is it such a kind idea, they’re so well-made too. Bravo.

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