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19th Mar 2022

Now you can hire someone to choose your baby name for you

Laura Cunningham

Naming a baby is hard, because you’re also naming a kid, a teenager and a grown-ass adult

Struggling to decide on a name for your wee one? Having a hard time agreeing on a final choice with your other half?

Naming a baby is tough. It’s (probably) forever and if you believe in nominative determinism, it could also partially shape who the child grows to become.

If you’re really having a hard time choosing a baby name, Taylor A Humphrey, AKA @whatsinababyname will do the job for you!

Yep, there’s such a thing as a baby name consultant.

Of course there is.

Taylor is also a Doula and Reiki practitioner, so I guess you could hire her to help with the birth and then name the baby when it arrives. Handy.

Hey Taylor, will you come do the night feeds too? Ta.

What do you think? Would you hire a baby name consultant?

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