Heartbreaking Tribute Video Commemorates Pulse Nightclub Victims 7 years ago

Heartbreaking Tribute Video Commemorates Pulse Nightclub Victims

This is very sad to watch and also very important.

Ryan Murphy (producer of Glee/American Horror Story) has teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign to film 49 Hollywood celebrities telling the stories behind those who died in the Orlando atrocity.

Here's what you will learn from it:

1. Many of the victims had moved to Orlando from other states and countries to escape prejudice and hate.

2. A mother and son were enjoying Latin dancing together at the club and they both died despite her trying to shield her son from the gunman.

3. Several couples who had built beautiful lives together died on that night together.

4. One man died protecting his friend who was the mother of a newborn.

5. One victim was a father of three - aged 15, 2 and 1 - and had recently thrown his youngest baby a beautiful birthday party.


5. A couple who both died owned a hair and beauty salon and often gave free services to victims of domestic abuse.

6. One victim was a newlywed.

7. Everyone who was at the club were there with family and friends, for fun, love dancing and celebrations.

8. Most of the victims were so young. SO young.

It's so hard to watch but so, so important. Please do.

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