Twitter user witnesses best temper tantrum of all time 5 years ago

Twitter user witnesses best temper tantrum of all time

We’re pretty sure this little girl ended up feeling the love from the crowd.

For a start it sounds like the little tot had good reason for engaging in such an angry outburst as described by Twitter user, Seanan McGuire. When a mum and her two children were waiting in an airport for their flight to depart, the little girl was less than pleased about her mum having brought all of her brother’s movies for the journey and none of hers. It safe to say this little lady was having none of it.

On a positive note, at least she's well able to stand up for herself. The little one made sure mum knew she was not best pleased as she burst into a fit of rage infront of the airport audience, much to mums agitation as she tries to explain why she brought her little boys favourites instead. Nonetheless we think it’s very sweet and quite astounding how it all went down.

As the dispute escalated, the little boy piped up, shouting about how he loves ‘MOANA!’ As mum grew further concerned about bothering other passengers, McGuire took to singing the famous songs from Moana. Soon an entire group of passengers joined the sing along making it an all-round magical experience for the kids. Talk about rounding up the troops!


It's not so often you witness such a positive outcome to a kiddie meltdown.