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10th Jul 2024

Two children from Liverpool primary school die amid infection outbreak

Ryan Price

The pupils were aged just five and six.

Two children from a primary school in Liverpool have tragically died just a week after the school was forced to shut following an infection outbreak.

According to Sky News, the pupils were aged just five and six and both children had “filled their classes with joy”.

Millstead Primary School in Everton was forced to close its doors last week after a number of cases of giardia broke out.

Giardia is a parasite which can grow in the intestines of infected humans or animals and cause giardiasis, with the most common symptom being diarrhoea.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said it had been working with Liverpool City Council over the past few days and clarified that the death of the two children were “unlikely to be due to giardia.”

Officials are now said to be working with families, staff and pupils to provide support as people come to terms with the “terribly sad news”.

A spokesperson for the UKHSA said: “UK Health Security Agency are aware of the sad deaths of two children who attend Millstead Primary School and our thoughts are with the family, friends and school community.

“The deaths are unlikely to be due to giardia. Giardia usually causes a self-limiting gastrointestinal illness which can spread easily in households and school settings.”

Giardiasis can be spread by direct contact with infected people or animals, or from swallowing contaminated water, food or drinks. Once treated symptoms should stop in about a week but can sometimes last longer.

Giardiasis can be prevented by washing hands with soap and water, especially after using the toilet and before handling and eating food. Children should be encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

Millstead headteacher Michelle Beard, told the Liverpool Echo: “The entire Millstead School community is devastated to have learned of the sad recent passing of two of our younger children.

“We have sent our sincerest condolences to both of their families. Both children filled their classes with joy during their time with us, and they will forever be in our hearts. We are working closely with our families, staff and pupils to support them as we come to terms with this terribly sad news.”