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09th Oct 2018

Two newlywed couples among those killed in New York limousine crash

Jade Hayden

Two newlywed couples were among those killed in the New York limousine crash.

The limousine was travelling through Schoharie, New York on Saturday when the driver lost control, sending the vehicle speeding through a stop sign and intersection, eventually crashing into a ditch.

The 18 people on board, including the driver as well as two pedestrians, were killed in the accident.

BBC News reports that newlyweds Amy and Axel Steenburg and Erin and Shane McGowan were among those who died.

They were travelling alongside Amy’s three sisters – Abigail Jackson, Mary Dyson, Allison King – who were all celebrating Amy’s birthday.

Their brother, Tom King, called them “the Four Musketeers” and said that they were “very tight.”

Other victims of the crash include Axel’s brother, Rich Steenburg, married couple Robert and Mary Dyson, and couple Matthew Coons and Savannah Bursese.

New York police have yet to disclose what caused limousine driver Scott Lisinicchia to lose control, but there has been speculation that the vehicle was modified to “make it stretch.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that the limousine had failed a safety inspection and that it should not have been on the road.

He added that Lisinicchia did not have a suitable driver’s licence for the vehicle.

The crash is said to be the worst accident on US roads in almost a decade.