Ukrainian couple heartbroken after their belongings are stolen in Dublin 10 months ago

Ukrainian couple heartbroken after their belongings are stolen in Dublin

A Ukrainian couple, who sought refuge in Ireland, has been robbed.

The couple revealed someone broke into their car and stole the few belongings they had left.

Anass and Olena spoke out about the distressing ordeal.

They explained that they have only been here for two weeks.

"My husband and I fled the war in Ukraine and found refuge in Ireland.

"Up until last night, Ireland has been nothing but good to us, for almost two weeks.

"From the Garda officers who welcomed us in Dublin's port, to the workers in the shielding center, and every Irish person we have met, we were overwhelmed by their kindness and support."

The couple said they were shocked to discover someone broke into their car in the underground parking lot of the shielding center.


"He took most of our belongings, which was all we could carry when we left Kyiv under the sounds of bombings," they shared.

The items left behind were covered in the thief's blood.

The pair praised Gardaí who checked the car and took statements, but the couple cannot get compensation.

"Our insurance wouldn't cover that though, as it's impossible to even reach them now."

They have set up a GoFundMe in a bid to raise money for the items they lost.

"We thought about taking matters into our hands by putting our story on GoFundMe, to see if people would be kind enough to help us with fixing the car (the rear window is broken) and buying what we lost (clothes, shoes, laptop, tablet...).

Speaking to The Irish Mirror, Anass said: "This is the last thing we would expect to happen in Ireland.

"The people here have been nothing but good to us.”

You can support their fundraiser here.