US child dies after only being 'partially' vaccinated against flu 1 year ago

US child dies after only being 'partially' vaccinated against flu

A child has died in the US after not being fully vaccinated against the flu.

The child, whose name and age have not been released, was from Denver, Colorado.

They were struck by the H1N1 strain of the flu virus and passed away last week.

Health officials say that the child had gotten the first but not the second dose of the vaccine.

In the US, children under the age of nine getting the vaccine for the first time are advised to get two shots at least 28 days apart.

"It's a tragedy," Colorado state epidemiologist Dr Rachel Herlihy said.

“It's an unfortunate but important reminder of the importance of two doses of influenza vaccine for young children who are receiving influenza vaccine for the first time."

US child dies after only being partially vaccinated against flu

In Ireland, only healthcare workers and at-risk groups including the elderly, pregnant women, and people with long-term conditions are advised to get vaccinated against the flu.

The jab is free for these groups.

So far this flu season, there have been nine deaths related to the disease in this country, according to RTÉ.

Last week alone 254 people were hospitalised with the flu.

The HSE is reminding the public that it is not too late to get vaccinated.

Symptoms of the flu are often confused with those of a cold - find out how to tell the difference here.