Victoria Beckham shuts down claims daughter Harper was drinking wine 1 year ago

Victoria Beckham shuts down claims daughter Harper was drinking wine

The mum posted a photo of Harper drinking from a wine glass.

Victoria Beckham has responded to concerns about her 10-year-old daughter.

The mum shared a photo of her daughter holding a wine glass for Mother's Day.

Many of Victoria's followers jumped to conclusions and thought Harper was drinking wine.

Victoria captioned the image, "Wishing all the mummies out there a happy Mother’s Day xx kisses from me, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, David, and Harper."

After her followers expressed their concerns, she quickly added, "And Harper is drinking juice, not wine!!"

One follower wrote, "Love it happy Mother’s Day. I loved that you clarified what Harper was drinking. I thought it may be a Chateauneuf du paper."


Another said there's no harm in letting children try "a drop of the good stuff".

Many agreed with her and said they tried watered-down wine when they were younger.

One woman shared, "In fairness part of my family are Italian and we as kids had a little bit of wine or champagne with orange juice on special occasions- didn’t hurt us."

Harper Beckham

Another said, "My Mum used to do the same with us kids on special occasions juice in a wine glass to make us feel like we weren’t missing out on using beautiful glasses. So happy to see someone else doing the same thing."

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