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07th Dec 2018

This video of Prince William singing is so pure, it will brighten up your day

Olivia Hayes


One thing we don’t see very often is the royals letting their hair down and having a good time.

They’re usually very reserved and stick to royal protocol at all times when they’re in public.

However, back in 2013, Prince William taking to the stage in Kensington Palace singing Livin’ On A Prayer with Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi.

At the beginning, Bon Jovi calls him the ‘Karaoke King’ and calls him up on stage which saw fans cheering him on. He then walks up with Taylor Swift in hand. He clearly looks awkward AF.

While Taylor is giving it her all and dancing on stage, William keeps hands joined and joins in singing.

To be honest, it makes for good entertainment and it’s just what we need heading into the weekend.

Meanwhile, we jut found out when Meghan Markle will have to start curtsying to Kate Middleton.

Basically once William ascends to the throne as King, Kate will become Queen Consort – and the bowing and curtsying will commence.

In fact, even Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will have to eventually bow to their own parents. Mental.