Virgin River: A fan has basically revealed who the father of Mel's baby is 1 year ago

Virgin River: A fan has basically revealed who the father of Mel's baby is

Warning: Spoilers ahead*

We don't know about you, but we started waiting on season 4 of Virgin River the minute season 3 came to its cliffhanger end.

I mean; come on, Netflix – don't leave us all hanging, we need you to clear up a few things for us here. Who shot Jack. Will Hope survive her car crash? And who the heck is the father of Mel's baby.

There has been no confirmation from the streaming giant, but rumour has it season 4 is being filmed as we speak, and will come out at some point in late spring 2022.

However, to put us all out of misery in regards to Mel's baby bombshell, it seems a fan has some insight that leads us to realise there really could only be one answer.

To recap: Mel reveals to Jack she right before his proposal that she is pregnant, and from the way she presents the news, it seems it might not actually be Jack who is the father.

Shocking, we know – but it isn’t a total surprise. In season three, Mel continually contemplates the idea of starting a family, and when Jack initially is against the idea, she reaches out to a Los Angeles fertility clinic that had saved embryos from her previous marriage to Mark.

In one episode, Mel travels to L.A. to support her sister, who is going through a divorce, and while there, starts thinking about using her already frozen embryos to finally become a mother.

However, while the last episode really leaves us hanging, thinking Mel's baby might, in fact, be Mark's, it seems one fan completely debunks this theory.


In a thread on Reddit, user u/caitieb123 writes:

"As someone who had gone through in vitro and done an embryo transfer, you can’t just stroll in the office and have the embryo implanted in one day."

The timeframe, the Reddit user argues, makes it impossible for Mark to be the father. Since Mel was in Los Angeles for only a few days, it’s highly unlikely that she had enough time to undergo the procedure and then recover before returning to Virgin River.

"You have to go through a process of hormone therapy to prepare your body for it. You have to give yourself daily shots to make sure your body can maintain the pregnancy even after you find out you are pregnant. It’s literally impossible to do it another way because your body wouldn’t be ready for the embryos because the “natural hormones” aren’t there."

It seems others agree.

Another user added, “You don’t pop in on a whim and do IVF!”

We don't know about you, but we really hope these fans are right.