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25th Apr 2023

Vogue never seen Spencer “so upset” until he missed Jamie Laing wedding

“I have never seen him like that”

Vogue Williams has never seen her husband Spencer Matthews so upset until he missed his best friend Jamie Laing’s wedding. The Made In Chelsea stars had a miscommunication before Jamie’s registry office wedding, but Spencer Matthews was devastated to have missed it.

The reality star said he would’ve done anything to be there, but wasn’t invited.

Jamie previously told his best friend that it wasn’t a big deal and hardly anyone was attending the celebration, but Spencer was inundated with hate after fans noticed his absence from Jamie’s special day.

Speaking about the mishap, Spencer’s wife Vogue Williams said she has never seen her husband so upset.

“He was very upset, I have to be honest, I’ve never seen him like that,” Vogue shared on Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo’s podcast.


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“He was genuinely upset over something and then I was getting things coming out, I saw the personalised stuff. And I thought ‘Oh s**t you really thought about this.”

Jamie explained how he forgot to invite his best friend to the civil ceremony.

“I f****d up. We had our wedding, our civil ceremony in the UK. It was a hectic process. Amongst the hectic-ness of getting people there and things like that, I thought Spencer and Vogue were away,” he admitted.

Spencer will attend Jamie and Sophie’s wedding in Spain next month. However, Vogue cannot attend due to a mix-up with work.

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