Vogue William says trolls are posting horrific things about her daughter online 1 year ago

Vogue William says trolls are posting horrific things about her daughter online

How low can you go?

Vogue Williams recently went on her My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast alongside Joanne McNally to chat about online hate and online trolling and how she deals with it.

The 36-year-old, who is currently pregnant with her third child with husband, Spencer Matthews, revealed that being in the public eye, she is so accustomed to online scrutiny and criticism, that she rarely even bothers looking at comments anymore.

"I just don’t look at the comments anymore because they’re too mean. I don’t do it anymore."

However, while online trolls saying cruel things about her is one thing, Williams admitted that some are even targeting her children, and in particular, her daughter Gigi’s appearance.

"My mom will text me and go, “That’s desperate what they’re saying about your children on there, isn’t it?” and I’m like, “Well, I hadn’t looked, Mom!”.

The model revealed that she finds it utterly bizarre how people literally spend time and effort saying cruel things about her young children, with little Gigi, apparently, facing the most backlash.

"Poor Gigi gets it the worst. (They’re like) “There’s something wrong with that child. She looks funny. Did something happen to her at birth?”‘


Her co-host was clearly horrified at this, asking; "What? How do you not want to turn up to all their houses and petrol bomb them?"

Williams went on to chat about one particular horrid incident, where a woman – a mother herself – had apparently accidentally e-mailed her with rude comments about Gigi.

"One girl mailed me by accident slagging Gigi off," Vogue revealed.

"She was like two-and-a-half months old. I just emailed her back saying, “This is so f***ing wrong that you’re slagging off a (baby).”’

The mum, apparently, was then mortified about the e-mail mishap.

"She was so apologetic. She was so embarrassed. She was a mum! Like, whatever you get up to in your free time, that’s fine, but that’s so f***ing weird especially coming from a mother."