Vogue Williams says plane incident was "a joke" 3 months ago

Vogue Williams says plane incident was "a joke"

Vogue Williams claims it was all a joke.

Vogue Williams has responded to the major backlash she has faced after she asked a man to swap seats with her on a plane.

The mum-of-three was traveling back from Ibiza with her husband Spencer Matthews, and their three children when she realised she had booked the wrong seats on the plane.

She wasn't sitting next to her family but hoped a fellow passenger would swap seats with her.

After asking him to move, the man refused to do so.

The mum-of-three said the man eventually agreed to move seats, but he was being incredibly rude to the family.

"When he realised he was being an absolute t***, because he looked at me with the newborn baby and two kids beside me, he was like 'Okay fine, fine, I'll do it'."


When the air hostess came down, Vogue asked her if she had another seat for the man.

"I asked her 'Would you have another aisle seat for this f***ing particular piece of s*** over here'.

"He was awful," Vogue continued.

Vogue was hit with waves of backlash after the incident.

However, the mum is now claiming the entire thing was a joke. She told one follower on Instagram to stop trolling her over the incident.

"Enough of this. I would never expect or demand anyone swaps a seat with me.

She added, "It was a joke that definitely didn’t land."