WATCH: The most iconic Late Late Toy Show moments of all time 1 year ago

WATCH: The most iconic Late Late Toy Show moments of all time

Happy Toy Show Day to all who celebrate.

The day is finally here and we're far more excited than the kids. The Late Late Toy Show airs tonight and the excitement is palpable.

This year's theme is The Lion King and it's bound to be one of the best Toy Shows to date.

Ahead of tonight's show, we thought it was the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane and look back on some of our favourite moments in Toy Show history.

So, sit back, relax and let the history of the Late Late Toy Show wash over you:

The best/only horologist we've ever known in 2009: You knew I'd be starting with this one, don't lie.

It's absolutely mad to think that it's been over a  decade since this budding horologist stole the hearts of the nation. Yes, eight-year-old John Joe Brennan floored the country as he, quite frankly, stole the show while speaking about his passion for clocks and books.

We may never see anything better:


Pat Kenny's mad entrance of 2002: This doesn't need much of an introduction. The year was 2002, Pat Kenny was the man, it was the top of the show, and there was an elephant.

Sublime and unparalleled entertainment.

Gay Byrne being the legend that he is in 1992 : It was the opening of the Late Late Toy Show in 1992 and by God did Gay put on a show, there was a dragon, there was a Knight, there was drama and not to spoil it... but the show did go on, we miss you Gay!

Girls Aloud scaring the absolute bejaysus out of a small child 2003: An unaware Toby Kane is happily singing one of his favourite tracks on live TV when yep, you guessed it, Girls Aloud surprise Toby and it gets massively awkward for all involved as he chooses to play it ridiculously cool and ignore them altogether, to be fair, it's kind of the Irish way.

Michael meets Davy Fitz 2018 : Kerry GAA fan Michael got a surprise visit from his hero Davy Fitz back in 2018 and the nation fell in love with him while, under pressure, his first question was ,"How are you so passionate?"


An absolute legend.

Alex 'Níl' Meehan in 2012: We'll leave you with what could be one of our favourite moments, when Alex Meehan had absolutely no time for Tubs while on a tractor in 2012.

Any Craic?