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03rd May 2017

WATCH: The Irish granny in this emigration-themed American ad will leave you teary-eyed

Anna O'Rourke

Excuse us, we’ve something in our eye.

It seems that big brands will stop at nothing to tug at our heartstrings with their marketing campaigns these days and the new US Volkswagen ad is no different.

The ad for the new Atlas SUV shows an elderly lady taking a journey with her family.

In a voiceover, she reads a message from her late husband and sets off to fulfil his last wish.

The lovely lady who appears in the ad is 78 year-old Marie Gallagher.

Despite having little acting experience, she landed the role when she opened her front door at home in Boston to the producers with her hair in rollers.

Touchingly, she also told Ad Age that the photo used in the ad is a real one of her and her husband.

The piece doesn’t reveal where in Ireland Marie is from or how she ended up Stateside, but is still well worth a read – check it out here.

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