Water warning issued for parts of Meath after elevated chlorine levels discovered 2 years ago

Water warning issued for parts of Meath after elevated chlorine levels discovered

A number of areas in Meath have been told not to use their water for drinking, washing or food preparation.

Residents in the south Meath area of Kilcloon, as well as the surrounding areas, have been told by Irish Water to avoid using water due to elevated chlorine levels.

The 'do not drink and do not wash' notice was issued with immediate effect on Wednesday on the advice of the HSE.

It affects customers in Kilcloon, Moygaddy, Killeany, Kilgraigue, Harristown, Brownstown, Ballynare, Butlerstown, Staffordstown, Brownrath, Blackhall Little, Waynestown, Harlockstown, Ballymacoll in Meath.

The Irish Independent report that children in the area  have been getting breaking out in bad rashes and been reported as "very sick".

Local Fianna Fáil TD Thomas Byrne told the publication:


“I'm shocked that Irish Water are only now responding to this crisis, having been alerted to the issue on Monday by a local resident.

“I understand from local people that young children have been getting very sick and there are some reports of children getting bad rashes.

"This is a very serious public health issue, that demands urgent attention and explanation.”

Irish Water said that residents of the affected areas must not drink or use the water "until further notice".

A statement from Irish Water said:

"Customers must not drink the water or wash in the water until further notice but we expect that the issue will be resolved later tonight [Wednesday, February 7.]

"We will provide further updates on this throughout the day.

"Customers are advised to draw down water from attic/storage tank, customers should flush toilets or run bathroom taps intermittently, as tanks refill chlorine levels in storage tank will return to normal.

"The HSE advises that the water from this supply is unsafe to:

"Consume for drinking; Use in connection with food preparation; and Use for personal hygiene, including brushing teeth and bathing.

"All prepared drinks, foods, ice cubes and baby foods which contain water from the network should be discarded."