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30th Dec 2017

Wayne Rooney’s fling Laura Simpson ‘demands €85k’ to spill the beans

'A detailed step-by-step run through'

Olivia Hayes

That’s a lot of moola.

Laura Simpson has allegedly demanded £75,000 (€84,400) to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

According to The Sun, Laura has promised to spill the beans on her romantic night with footballer, Wayne Rooney.

Back in September, Wayne was arrested for drink driving while driving in Laura’s car.

When he was caught, Laura was in the passenger seat, and while at first she claimed nothing happened, she later went on to say that the pair shared a passionate kiss.

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A source said: “She’s offered the producers a detailed step-by-step run through of everything that happened between her and Rooney in the house.”

Apparently, she was offered £55k at first to appear on the Channel 5 show, however she is holding out on signing on the dotted line until she receives the further £20,000.

Laura’s latest move will undoubtedly raise eyebrows as the 29-year-old has now founded a business that aims to help married men have affairs.

An insider said: “She knows she will come under criticism and be called a home-wrecker but these men are going to cheat whether you give them a website to do it on or not.”