We can't actually believe what one bride asked her bridesmaid to do 5 years ago

We can't actually believe what one bride asked her bridesmaid to do


That's our first thought after reading a collection of tales from bridesmaids who shared what the bride asked them to do in preparation for the big wedding day.

There are some shocking inclusions, that's shocking with a capital S, and although they're all pretty bad, there's one that's so ridiculous we're having trouble processing it.

The recollections were shared on anonymous internet forum Whisper and there are 16 in total.

We have selected a few of the worst and just wait for number one. Brace yourself for one of the most ridiculous statements you've possibly ever heard...

One bride apparently asked one of her bridesmaids to get a breast reduction so that she would fit in the same dress as the rest of the bridal party. Like SERIOUSLY...

There's another dramatic request although this one did make us laugh out loud.


"She gave us all lubricating eye drops and asked us to simulate crying after her vows".

Another asked if the girl in question could dye her hair for the wedding and just wait for the reason why.

"To dye my hair blonde so she would be the only brunette at the wedding".

Madness, absolute madness.

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