Weather forecast shows no rainfall in Ireland for at least another week 1 year ago

Weather forecast shows no rainfall in Ireland for at least another week

Jesus, lads.

It's been sunny AF out there and you know what that means - monstrous queues for ice cream vans, running out of sun cream, and every lad in town has his top off.

Great day for it altogether.

And it appears as if the good (bad? stressful? boiling?) weather is set to continue for the next while because Met Eireann predicts that it'll be at least another week before we see substantial rain here in Ireland.


Yesterday, the national heatwave warning was extended until July 11, meaning that temperatures were going to remain hot and that the "mostly dry and warm weather will continue across Ireland for the rest of this week and through next week as well, thus exacerbating drought conditions."

Met Eireann's latest forecasts goes that bit further too, stating:

"Friday /Saturday/ Sunday: Little change but temperatures increasing slightly with daily maximum values around 27 or 28 degrees."

High enough, like.

A few "scattered showers" have been forecast but little talk has been has about actual rainfall as of yet with the national outlook as follows:  "The weather will continue warm for the week. Mostly dry, but some showers at times, but these the exception."

Similarly, Met Eireann's rainfall forecast shows no signs of considerable rain for the next 7 days at least.

While this could easily change for some parts of the country, either way it's still going to be mad hot out there so get your anti-chaffing bands washed girls, because this heatwave is far from over.