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16th Mar 2023

Wexford mum lucky to be alive after branch crashes through car window

Kat O'Connor

Wexford native Christine McDermott said she “escaped death”

A Wexford mum is lucky to be alive after a tree branch crashed through the window of her car.

Mum-of-five Christine McDermott was driving towards New Ross, Wexford last Thursday when the incident occurred.

The mum explained that the weather conditions weren’t great, but she was driving carefully.

She stressed that she is an incredibly safe driver.

Christine told The Irish Mirror that a massive branch smashed through her windscreen and onto the dashboard.

She said the incident happened so suddenly.

The mum said she “escaped death” because the branch would’ve gone “straight through” her if she was driving any faster.

Christine was in total shock, but she managed to pull over following the incident.

Emergency services then arrived on the scene.

“When the fire brigade arrived one of them told me he had been a fireman for twenty years and that was the worst incident he ever had to deal with.”

“I literally escaped death,” the mum-of-five added.

“If I was going any faster the branch would have gone straight through me, I know just how lucky I was.”

Christine’s husband Anthony praised the frontline workers who helped rescue her.

However, he told The Irish Mirror that it took two and a half hours for an ambulance to be dispatched.

Luckily, Christine was not severely injured in the accident.

Anthony explained that they were already home by the time an ambulance was available.

“I am just glad she is still here,” he said.

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