Wicklow primary school bans the use of smartphones 4 years ago

Wicklow primary school bans the use of smartphones

We thought this would go without saying but...

A primary school in Wicklow has banned the use of smartphones on their grounds.

St Cronan's in Bray said they carried out a survey in June with parents who voted overwhelmingly in favour of banning smartphones.

More than 91% of parents voted in favour of the ban.

The school said that basic mobile phones are allowed but they must be switched off at all times in the school.


A number of reports over the past five years have linked smartphone use to increasing rates of depression, anxiety and suicide.

While in the classroom, the presence and use of smartphones has been found to result in lower productivity, grades and overall performance.

France has recently introduced a ban on smartphones in schools for children under 15s and other countries are debating similar legislation.