Wicklow's 'Sammy The Seal' Gives Us All A Lesson In Perseverance 7 years ago

Wicklow's 'Sammy The Seal' Gives Us All A Lesson In Perseverance

This video totally cracks us up.

'Sammy The Seal' has become something of a local celebrity in Wicklow town, as he has figured out that if he swims up the south quay, there will be locals and visitors to greet him with some tasty treats.

Would you believe he visits this precise area three times a day; 9am, 1pm and 4pm?

Failing the presence of those who have come to see him with dinner, he has also discovered a way to beg for food at a local seafood restaurant.

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Check out the actual stubbornness of him as he refuses to go back into the water until the restaurant owner gives in and hands over the goodies.

Meet Wicklow Town's 'Sammy the Seal'. Every day Sammy begs for fish outside a local seafood restaurant, and - after...

Posted by Worldstar Bogan on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Even though Sammy is very friendly, locals are still advised to be careful and not to let kids get too close with curiosity as seals have extremely sharp teeth.

This is precisely how I'm going to score my Monday morning donuts next week!

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