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22nd Mar 2018

Woman who protected pregnant mum during Vegas shooting meets the baby she saved

Very touching.

Denise Curtin


Nobody was prepared for what was going to happen at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Vegas on October 1, 2017.

A gunman opened fire from a nearby hotel during the festival using several automated machine guns, he killed 59 people and injured a further 527.

Both the city and the world were torn apart by this news as images and footage of the fatal night began to emerge. Two of the festival goers in the crowd were Miriam Lujan, who was seven-months pregnant and 52-year-old Sue Ann Cornwell. During the shooting, Sue Ann laid on top of Miriam to protect her and her unborn child from getting hit, and although the pair never exchanged names, social media led the two back to each other and now, Miriam has given birth to her child and Sue Ann was given the chance to finally meet the baby she saved.

The moment they met is truly touching.

The pair now remain in close contact through a tragic incident which blossomed this life long friendship.