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24th Nov 2017

Women are less likely to take a sick day from work, says study


Katie Mythen-Lynch

Struggling through your morning with streaming eyes and a hacking cough? We hear you sista’.

According to research, women are more likely to tough out an illness and attend work than their male colleagues.

According to a survey by One4All, while 60 per cent of Irish workers call in sick at least once a year and 17 per cent miss two days, 71 per cent of female employees will make sure they clock in for duty despite feeling like death warmed up.

This could be due to the fact that 35 per cent of Irish workers feel pressured to come to work even if they aren’t feeling well.

Just 14 per cent of workers believed their employer was interested in their health and only 43 per cent said their company operated any kind of wellness scheme. In fact, 18 per cent of us don’t even take a lunchbreak.

However studies show that looking after your staff is a two-way street. When the volunteers were asked to estimate the impact of working in a more positive environment, 46 per cent said they believed their output would improve by over 10 per cent.