Wrap up warm, it's going to be icy enough on the weather front this week 8 months ago

Wrap up warm, it's going to be icy enough on the weather front this week

But hey, at least it's not raining.


It's been the wettest month ever recorded in Ireland.

It has. This is not an exaggeration, nor something that we made up entirely for the purpose of bemoaning the fact that venturing outside without an umbrella these days is akin to texting your ex when you're steaming on a Saturday night.

A Bad Idea.

Anyway, this coming week isn't looking all that woeful on the rain front (thank god), but it is looking fairly chilly out there so make sure you wrap up warm if you're planning to go outside or text your ex or anything.

According to Met Éireann, today's frost and mist patches will clear up as the afternoon gets underway leaving the country mostly dry apart from a few scattered showers here and there.

Temperatures will only reach as high as 8 degrees nationwide, eventually dropping to overnight lows of -3 to 0 degrees tonight.

A widespread frost will set in again with some icy stretches in some parts of the country, as well as a bit of fog that will eventually lift as we come into Monday morning.

There will be, again, highs of between 5 and 8 degrees for most of the day with a nice bit of sun expected in the southern parts of the country.

It'll be cloudy and cold and temperatures will drop as low as -3 overnight in some parts of the country, as the mist and frost sets in again.

The rest of the week will carry on pretty much in the same vein, as the iciness takes us into most mornings, drizzle leads the afternoons, and the freezing cold dominates the nights.

Winter is, indeed, well and truly here.