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13th Nov 2015

You have NEVER seen a wedding cake like this before

Trine Jensen-Burke

Forget about Kim Kardashian and her shapely behind, this wedding cake is what is breaking the internet the last few weeks.

There is no denying that cake making is a bit of a thing of late; I mean; the craft even has its own TV shows at this stage. (Who’s as addicted to Cake Boss as us?!)

Back in the day, wedding cakes were all about size. As in; the more tiers, the more amazing.

That is so yesterday.

Now, wedding cakes are ALL about the wow-factor, originality and decorations.

That can explain, then, why this cake by London bakery Cupcakes by SJ, has gone absolutely VIRAL over the last few days.


The Lego Cake in all it’s glory.

Cupcakes by SJ posted this picture on the Facebook page a few weeks back, and the post is currently shared close to 150,000 times. There are also close to 20,000 comments on the cool cake creation, not only tagging in friends and family, but some putting some orders in for a cake of their own.

The response has been so crazy that the cake makers have posted the following response to the Facebook page:


What do YOU think? Would you like your wedding cake to be less traditional and more CRAZY COOL like this one? Join in the conversation with us on Twitter at

(Image via Cupcakes by SJ Facebook)