Dublin Zoo has baby changing facilities for dads and others should follow suit 3 months ago

Dublin Zoo has baby changing facilities for dads and others should follow suit

Recently while on a visit to Dublin Zoo I saw something that I'd never noticed before.

While heading to the toilets I spotted that not only was there a sign indicating that the women's toilets had baby changing facilities but that the men's toilets also did.

It's something I've only seen once or twice in Ireland but hopefully it's the beginning of more public places taking on board that dads also need a place to change their babies.

Modern dads are taking a more hands on approach to parenting than previous generations of fathers, but even though this is the case there is still a lack of facilities and support for new dads.

In my experience a lot of parenting groups and classes are more so aimed at mothers even though it's just as essential for dads to learn how best to look after their new babies.

Baby changing facilities have been a particular bone of contention with even celebrity dads like Ashton Kutcher calling out the lack of available changing tables in men's restrooms for fathers.

My husband and I tag team on nappy changes but when we are out in public this often has to change, not because he wants to skip his turn but because the only baby changing facilities available are in the women's toilets.

Situations like this become even more difficult if he is out on his own with the baby and I can't imagine how difficult it must be like for men parenting alone (another side of parenting often forgotten about).

I was delighted to see that somewhere like Dublin Zoo, which sees so many families of all shapes and sizes come through it's doors on a regular basis thinking about the needs of all parents.

Hopefully in the next couple of years this will become a non issue and facilities like these will become commonplace throughout all shopping centres, restaurants and other public services.