6 things the kids will love about Teen Titans GO! 4 years ago

6 things the kids will love about Teen Titans GO!

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So you’re probably used to seeing Teen Titans on TV, but now, they’re off to the movies! And yes, there's reason to be excited.

The famous heroes the kids know so well (or are about to) have hit the big screen today and they're getting their own movie. No really, that's the storyline.

Yep, they're tired of taking the backseat and being overlooked - they too are super heroes afterall. And this right here is the first thing the kids will love about the Teen Titans.

1) They've got a whole lot of fight in them. So they set off in search of a Hollywood big-shot film director because literally, every other super hero has nabbed a movie, such as Batman. Their determination is a force in itself.

2) Secondly, although they (namely young Robin) have a fighting force within them, they know how to have a complete ball and not take themselves too seriously. They know how to have fun and make the very most of the hero life.

3) There's TONNES of personality. Between Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beastboy and Raven - there's someone the kids can totally relate to. It could be Robin and his obsessive dreamers attitude and BIG aspirations, it could be Starfire who's totally awesome, kind, yet the ultimate force, Cyborg who loves his friends, technology and partying, or Beastboy (incredibly goofy but with some of the greatest powers around), or Raven who loves to read, meditate and transport the team through portals to numerous locations (incredible!).


This leads us to the importance of friendship and the kids will get a clear understanding from it when they go and see the movie.

4) All the titans have their superpowers, sure, but it's their will to get along (despite the flaws they posses), their respect for one another and their determination to succeed as a team that we absolutely love. It doesn't matter that the movie industry mocks them - together, they can achieve ANYTHING.

5) They're hilarious especially for little ones. The film is gleefully clever, quick witted and satirical. We must warn you, there are poop jokes!

So TODAY - Friday, August 3, a superb family outing is to head to the cinema and see the Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. Between the musical number and 90 minutes of pure tongue-in-cheek play on the super hero genre, it will mean Friday is totally sorted. (Hurrah!)

Brought to you by Warner Bros. Pictures Ireland.

What kind of superhero are you without your own movie? #TeenTitansGOMovie hits Irish cinemas August 3.